BGP Toolkit Overview

Cisco BGP Toolkit Overview

The Cisco BGP Toolkit is a generator of fragments of BGP configuration.

The input topology data is the series of panoramic snapshots of BGP routing from around the Internet which is gathered twice a month.  The output can be any of a number of different routing filters.

The elements of creatable BGP configuration for any given AS are listed below:
  • lists of static routes to null0;
  • lists of network statements;
  • standard or extended access-lists;
  • prefix or as-path lists;
and example usage can be reviewed here.

If you wish to use this tool, you must register as a trial subscriber.  To register, click the 'Subscribe' on the website homepage and enter the required information.

Once registered, click 'Cisco-BGP Config Toolkit' on the homepage, then define the parameters which control the toolkit's operation.

If you have any comments or questions about this service, please email us.