Legal Stuff

Aim & Intent

This website is operated by NetConfigs Ltd, registration: UK04225635

The aim of this site is to become a credible and valuable resource for those involved in building & maintaining the core network infrastructure of the Internet and the intent is to foster a community of teams & individuals involved in this activity.

Our focus is the building of a sustainable subscriber base.  Once this is achieved, we hope to generate sufficient income from the more labour-intensive & labour-saving tools & services to allow us the time & resources to develop and improve them for everybody's benefit.

Privacy Policy

Any personal information gathered by this web-site will remain strictly confidential and all care will be taken to ensure that no-one other than those directly involved in running this site shall have access to any of this information.  The only information that will be shared is the supplied email address or IP address of a subscription creator which will be included in the email when a subscription activation message is generated.

The information collected by this site is limited to the email address, an encryption of the chosen password of each subscriber, the tools used along with a timestamp & browser IP address, and the email or IP address of each subscription creator.

Email addresses will only be used for occasional mailings concerning the availability of updated routing data and the provision of new tools & services on the site.


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