Cisco Telnets

AllStream East (AS15290)
AllStream West (AS15290)
ATT Route Server (AS7018)
Belwue (AS553)
CerfNet Route Server (AS1838)
Energis Squared (AS5388)
Eunet (AS6667)
Exodus Communications USA (AS3967)
Global Crossing (AS3549)
Group Telecom (AS6539)
Hurricane Electric (AS6939)
Internet Solutions (AS3741)
Manila Internet Exchange (AS9670)
NDSoftware (AS25358)
OpenTransit (AS5511)
Optus Communications (AS7474) Route Server (AS6447)
Savvis (AS3561)
Telus East (AS852)
Telus West (AS852)
Tiscali Route Server (AS3257)
Utah Regional Exchange Point Route Server (AS210)
Wiltel Communications Group (AS7911)

If you are responsible for any of these routers then please get in touch for us to provide you free access to the AS Analysis tool.  So far, two of the above make use of this offer.

To improve the quality of reporting data, we would like to obtain EBGP routing tables from a further 15 networks split equally between the Americas, Europe and Asia.  If you are in a position to offer either public or private read-only telnet access to such routers, then please let us know.