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The Peering Analysis tool shows you:

Who is transiting your network

Who your network is transiting

If any of your customers are transiting your network

If any of your transits are transiting through you

If any of your transits are blocking portions of your address space

If any of your transits are blocking any of your customers

If you are providing transit for any of your free peers

How effectively your network is being transited

How effectively you are transiting your customers

How effectively you are transiting your customer's customers

Whether any other network is advertising your address space

Our Analysis tool helps you to identify problems before they become critical, to eliminate free-peer use of expensive transit bandwidth and to increase routing symmetry to improve performance & supportability.

The BGP Toolkit does two things:

it helps you to prepare your BGP configuration

it help you to build and maintain all your BGP peering filters

Using data from many Internet routing tables, it maintains a list of all Internet AS's ranked in order of connectedness plus record of which networks are routed by which other networks.  This, it uses to build lists of routes, network statements and access-list entries which reflect reality.

Other developments in the pipe-line include:

 an analysis tool to report on the outbound routing of a network for optimizing transit usage and confirming full global routing
* * *
use of live data by all tools to provide a real-time reviewing of network changes
* * *
an alerting system for routing faults

We are interested in any enhancement suggestions and are available for consultancy work in areas of network management automation and analysis.